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LiteGreen Projects - Design and Build

Design and Build

To ensure we truly deliver our green philosophy from the grass roots up, we provide full “Design and Build” options linking in with some of New Zealand's most influential architects. Our experienced builders and project managers work in harmony with quality design professionals enabling us to assume full responsibility for your project. This ensures that the transition from design though to construction is seamless - not disjointed.

LiteGreen are here to help, whether its completing a feasibility study, coming to your site to look at the possibilities / risks or even meeting with your existing design team or introducing you to ours. The sooner we can get involved in your building process the better...

"Exclusive New Zealand Rights to Habitech Panel Building System"
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Sustainable Design & Build Options

  • Exclusive NZ Rights to a Structurally Insulated Panel (SIPS) called Habitech
  • Deliver super insulated, energy efficient homes
  • Design a "thermal envelope" that is twice the building code minimum
  • Stronger, earthquake resilient homes
  • Healthier homes by incorporating ventilation systems
  • Cost competitive
  • Efficient build times
  • Sustainable for life - creating "forever homes"

Our principles - What does building green really mean?

Our concept of sustainable, green, energy efficient building uses practices and products that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient throughout the building’s life-cycle. This includes a building’s afford-ability, live-ability, build-ability and reduced energy requirements. 

Our build philosophy ensures we deliver a home that combines various existing technologies such as fully insulated foundations, structurally insulated panels or140mm thermally broken timber frames, hydronic underfloor heating, ventilation systems, Solar (PV Systems) etc. By combining these technologies we create a home the puts you in control opposed to the home controlling you.

LiteGreen Projects - Design and Build

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If you want the status quo when it comes to building there are plenty of other options available. If you want a company that can provide sustainable building services at industry competitive prices then contact us and see how LiteGreen can be the new standard in building for you.