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LiteGreen Projects - Our Industry Partners

Our Industry Partners

LiteGreen has joined up with like minded professionals that truly believe in making a difference with the houses we build and the environments we choose to live in and raise our families everyday. LiteGreen are continually researching the best companies, technology and people out there to deliver better building options and will be displaying these in late 2016 with our first LiteGreen Concept house.

This includes being a part of the “SuperHome Movement", gathering the best in learning, products and expertise to help people get a much better new house for their money with a goal to help at least 1000 new homeowners to build their superhome in the next three years.

The concept is simple, think small about our environmental impact but think big when it comes to social impact and the life costs of your new home, think of it as a concept of a 'Forever House'.

Key partners at present include: