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LiteGreen Projects - Smarter Homes - Build with SIPS - Habitech Systems

Smarter Homes - Build with SIPS - Habitech Systems

Habitech Systems is an energy efficient modular design system built by LiteGreen Projects.

LiteGreen have exclusive New Zealand rights to this superior building SIPS product after failing to find an equivalent that delivers in both energy efficiency and engineering qualities. Architecturally stunning, this exclusive panel system creates modern, super strong and highly insulated homes as it also doubles as your exterior cladding. Offering full design flexibility, LiteGreen homes are not only much faster to build, but offer a more sustainable solution to creating modern, high-performance housing.


  • Energy Efficient - Super Insulated 170mm thick walls
  • Finished Exterior product (MGO mixed with 50% recycled timber) 
  • Rapid Build Time - no extra external cladding required unlike other SIPS products
  • Healthier and Warm - R 4.3 energy rating
  • Cost Competitive in comparison to other SIPS panels available in New Zealand
  • Modular panels - 900mm wide up to 3m tall
  • Glue free construction
  • Structural Ply interior surface providing added strength and no off gases like OSB boards can produce
  • Australasian designed and made

Habitech System – Council Consent – CodeMark

The Habitech SIPS system has been through various councils to meet Building Consent requirements. This includes meeting building code aspects such as weather tightness, durability and structural advantages.

Habitech exceeds so many of the building code requirements both in performance, strength and durability and provides a complete system that most other SIPS products can't compare to. When it comes to CodeMark, this is an expensive process that takes the responsibility away from councils to check and make sure that the products are still being supplied to the original standards they were approved. With Habitech, we have taken a systematic approach by sitting down with various councils and multiple council staff to work through the superior performance of Habitech.  We do not require an expensive stamp that we would simply have to pass onto our clients.

The above image is our of incredible concept house featured on GRAND DESIGNS NZ which was constructed using the Habitech Panel System. This has been completed in just over 4 months and you to can see how it was built by clicking here.